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City: Wymore
State: Nebraska
All zip codes in Wymore (comma-separated): 68466
Telephone area codes in Wymore (comma-separated): 402
Population between 18-45, male: 350
Population between 18-45, female: 325
Population between 45-60: 200
Competitors to JobSnap in Wymore (comma-separated): ServiceConnect, TaskMasters, HireHub

Competitor: ServiceConnect appears to charge both the customer and the service provider with service fees. They take a percentage of the transaction value, which can significantly reduce the earnings of service providers.

Competitor: TaskMasters seems to charge a subscription fee to service providers to access their platform, limiting the opportunities for those who are just starting or looking for occasional gigs. They also add a service fee on top of that for each job completed.

Competitor: HireHub charges customers a convenience fee for using their service, and service providers are charged a lead fee whenever they are connected with a potential job. This can add up and eat into the earnings of the service providers considerably.

Sources used: Population and zip code data from U.S. Census Bureau and competitive analysis from research conducted on the respective competitor websites.

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