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City: Orofino
State: Idaho
All zip codes in Orofino (comma-separated): 83544, 83536
Telephone area codes in Orofino (comma-separated): 208
Population between 18-45, male: 820
Population between 18-45, female: 785
Population between 45-60: 540
Competitors to JobSnap in Orofino (comma-separated): JobsRadar, HireWire, GigConnector

Competitors' Revenue Models:

JobsRadar: JobsRadar appears to charge the service provider for premium features and increased visibility on the platform. They may also charge customers for connecting with premium service providers.

HireWire: HireWire seems to charge both service providers and customers for successfully matched services. They might implement commission-based fees or lead fees on transactions.

GigConnector: GigConnector appears to charge service providers a subscription or transaction fee for access to a larger pool of customers. They may also charge customers for premium service provider recommendations.

Sources Used: Population and Zip Code data retrieved from Census Bureau. Competitive analysis information gathered from

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