Naples Manor is a bustling city filled with opportunities for service providers and customers to connect. If you're a service provider looking for gigs in Naples Manor, JobSnap is the perfect platform for you. We specialize in connecting service providers with customers seamlessly. Click here to sign up as a service provider in Naples Manor: Sign Up Now!

City: Naples Manor
State: Florida
All zip codes in Naples Manor: 34113, 34104, 34112
Telephone area codes in Naples Manor: 239
Population between 18-45, male: 2,314
Population between 18-45, female: 2,213
Population between 45-60: 1,785
Competitors to JobSnap in Naples Manor: GigCrew, TaskRabbit, Thumbtack

GigCrew: GigCrew charges service providers a commission fee for every gig completed, which can eat into their earnings. For customers, GigCrew may also add additional service fees on top of the provider's rates.

TaskRabbit: TaskRabbit charges customers a service fee for each task completed through their platform. This added cost can deter customers from using the platform frequently and may limit service provider's earning potential.

Thumbtack: Thumbtack charges service providers for credits to bid on customer projects, which can become costly over time. Customers may also face hidden fees when selecting a service provider on Thumbtack.

Compared to our competitors, JobSnap stands out with our transparent revenue model. We do not charge service providers to post their services, nor do we take commission or fees from their earnings. We believe in a fair and straightforward platform that benefits both service providers and customers alike.

- Population data from US Census Bureau
- Zip code data from United States ZIP Codes
- Competitive analysis from Business of Apps

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