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City: Moseley
State: Virginia
All zip codes in Moseley (comma-separated): 23120
Telephone area codes in Moseley (comma-separated): 804
Population between 18-45, male: 2,546
Population between 18-45, female: 2,483
Population between 45-60: 1,035
Competitors to JobSnap in Moseley (comma-separated): Handy, TaskRabbit, Angie's List

Competitor Analysis:

Handy: Handy typically charges both the customer and the service provider a fee for using their platform. This means that users may end up paying more for services, and service providers may earn less due to the fees involved.

TaskRabbit: TaskRabbit also charges fees to both the customer and the service provider, impacting the overall cost of services and earnings for providers, compared to JobSnap's fee-free model.

Angie's List: Angie's List charges service providers to advertise on their platform, which could result in higher costs for providers being passed on to the customers. JobSnap, on the other hand, does not charge service providers, maintaining a more cost-effective connection between providers and customers.

Sources used: census.gov, areacodelocations.info, hellojobsnap.com

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