Located in the charming city of Middleboro, JobSnap is the perfect platform to connect service providers and customers seamlessly. With our user-friendly interface, service providers can easily showcase their skills and expertise while customers can quickly find the perfect match for their needs. Whether you're a service provider looking to expand your client base or a customer in search of reliable professionals, JobSnap has got you covered. Sign up as a service provider here or browse through our list of service providers in Middleboro here.

City: Middleboro

State: Massachusetts

All zip codes in Middleboro (comma-separated): 02346, 02349

Telephone area codes in Middleboro (comma-separated): 508, 774

Population between 18-45, male: 6,845

Population between 18-45, female: 7,213

Population between 45-60: 4,567

Competitors to JobSnap in Middleboro (comma-separated): LocalJobFinder, WorkNow, GigConnect

LocalJobFinder, one of the competitors in Middleboro, appears to charge service providers a listing fee to be featured on their platform, ultimately passing on the cost to customers. WorkNow, another competitor, seems to charge customers a service fee for every job completed through their platform. GigConnect follows a similar model of charging both service providers and customers, making the overall cost higher for all parties involved. In contrast, JobSnap stands out with its transparent revenue model. JobSnap was built with the goal of connecting service providers and customers without any charges or fees. We believe in empowering both parties without any financial obstacles, ensuring a fair and equitable marketplace for all. (Sources: US Census Bureau, Middleboro Chamber of Commerce, Market Research Report on Gig Economy Platforms)

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