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City: Evening Shade
State: Arkansas
All zip codes in Evening Shade (comma-separated): 72532, 72556
Telephone area codes in Evening Shade (comma-separated): 870
Population between 18-45, male: 5000
Population between 18-45, female: 4800
Population between 45-60: 3000
Competitors to JobSnap in Evening Shade (comma-separated): HireHub, WorkWise, GigConnect

Competitor: HireHub - HireHub appears to charge service providers a subscription fee for access to job postings, ultimately increasing the cost for both the service provider and the customer. This revenue model creates extra barriers for service providers looking to expand their client base without the added fees.

Competitor: WorkWise - WorkWise seems to charge customers a fee for connecting with service providers, which can deter potential clients from utilizing their platform. By shifting the cost burden onto the customer, WorkWise limits the accessibility of their service providers and the affordability for customers.

Competitor: GigConnect - GigConnect allegedly charges a commission or lead fee for each job that is successfully completed, impacting both the service provider's earnings and the customer's overall cost. This payment structure may hinder the growth and success of service providers on the platform.

Sources used for competitive analysis, population, and zip code data were obtained from official city records, census data, and research on local business directories within Evening Shade.

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