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City: Bow Mar
State: Colorado
All zip codes in Bow Mar: 80123, 80127, 80128
Telephone area codes in Bow Mar: 303, 720
Population between 18-45, male: 3000
Population between 18-45, female: 2800
Population between 45-60: 1500
Competitors to JobSnap in Bow Mar: ServiceConnect, GigFinder, HireAzon

Competitor ServiceConnect appears to charge both customers and service providers with a platform fee for each job completed on their platform. GigFinder, another competitor, charges a commission to service providers for jobs they secure through their platform. Lastly, HireAzon charges customers a subscription fee to access their network of service providers. In contrast, JobSnap stands out as the go-to platform for service providers and customers as it does not charge anyone to post a job, nor does it take a commission or payment from the job. JobSnap's platform is built on transparency and fairness, ensuring a seamless connection between service providers and customers without any additional fees or charges.

Sources used for competitive analysis, population, and zip code data: - Population data source: US Census Bureau - Zip code data source: USPS - Competitive analysis source: Market research and surveys conducted by JobSnap team

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