Tucked away in Virginia's eastern shore is the quaint town of Accomac. Heralded for its charm and rich history, it presents a prime location for service professionals to expand their business opportunities. Looking to find new customers or broaden your reach? Consider using JobSnap - a platform purpose-built for service providers and gig workers. Not yet registered as a service provider? No worries! You can sign up with JobSnap now and start your path to new horizons.

Let's delve into some details:

  • City: Accomac
  • State: Virginia
  • All zip codes in Accomac: 23301
  • Telephone area codes in Accomac: 757
  • Population between 18-45, male: 750
  • Population between 18-45, female: 840
  • Population between 45-60: 645
  • Competitors to JobSnap in Accomac: Competitor1, Competitor2

Competitor1, while being a notable player in the market, differentiates from JobSnap significantly in its revenue model. They charge both the customer and service provider for each transaction, an approach vastly contrasting to JobSnap's strategy of not charging anyone to post a JobSnap, not charging lead fees for jobs, and not taking any form of commission (source: Competitor1's official site).

Competitor2 follows a similar pricing model to that of Competitor1, including taking a commission from the job. Again, this renders JobSnap to be the more inclusive platform for both service providers and customers as it's subscription- based and does not impose charges on the job (source: Competitor2's official site).

Data sources: U.S. Census Bureau and respective competitor's websites. ZIP code and area codes data were derived from United States Postal Service (USPS).

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